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Tuesday Tidbits

November 5, 2013 // Tuesday Tidbits // No Comments

1. Our girls LOVED Halloween. 2. We gave away half their candy (mostly the non-chocolate covered ones) to my husband’s office. 3. I always get so stressed out watching The Colts on TV. Soooo glad that they won against The […]

Tuesday Tidbits

October 29, 2013 // Tuesday Tidbits // No Comments

1. Did anyone else watch the Lions/Cowboys game this past Sunday? That last touchdown by Matthew Stafford was ridonkulous. 2. All I have to say about The Walking Dead is NO. They can’t let that character die. I forbid it. […]

Tuesday Tidbits

September 18, 2012 // Tuesday Tidbits // No Comments

1. The Colts won their game against the Vikings! Woohoo! 2. I’m also super ecstatic that the Giants (my hubby’s team) won their game against the Buccaneers. Go Big Blue! 3. My hubby and I were in Paris and London only […]

Tuesday Tidbits

September 11, 2012 // Tuesday Tidbits // No Comments

1. My husband plays sports, like, never. But here he is playing soccer at his company picnic. He’s the one in the red jersey, dark blue shirt, and black shorts. 2. My Colts lost but I think they’ll be able […]

Baked Honey Mustard Wings

November 14, 2011 // Baking, Food and Drink // No Comments

We watched the Giants vs. 49ers game yesterday. My sister and her fiancée were cheering for the 49ers. My husband and I were cheering for the Giants. Hopefully they’ll meet again in the playoffs. How was your Sunday? Print Baked […]

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