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5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods

November 7, 2014 // 5 Fandom Friday, Food and Drink // 7 Comments

This week for 5 Fandom Friday we’re tackling one of my all-time favorite subjects: COMFORT FOOD! These foods instantly make me feel better. I forget that I still have laundry to fold. Or that my kiddos have been arguing for […]

Meatloaf Meatballs

September 3, 2011 // Food and Drink // No Comments

Meatloaf is on the top of many comfort food lists. I think that’s because almost everyone ate it as a kid. It reminds us of home and our childhood. A time when there were no bills to pay, no 40 […]

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

August 6, 2011 // Baking, Food and Drink // 2 Comments

In dessert world, cake and ice cream usually reign supreme. But there is one dessert that is often overlooked. One that can most definitely be deemed a comfort food.  That dessert, my dear friends, is pie. Oh, pie. If only […]

Bad Day Remedies

image from Daily Mail UK Bad days. We’ve all had them. Maybe you just finished a ton of tedious work and your boss decides that’s the best time to give you five more piles of said tedious work to do. […]

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