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Brownie Cookies + Pistachio Gelato Sandwiches

August 11, 2014 // Baking, Blog, Food and Drink // 2 Comments

Friends, I have a problem. Not like a life threatening one or one that really matters in the grand scheme of things but it’s one that does make me question what I’m doing in the blogosphere. I’m having a problem […]

H & G

Hi I’m always amazed at how imaginative my kiddos are. They can take the simplest objects and create a million different scenarios and worlds.  Goodbye My family and I will be heading off to visit the in-laws tomorrow night. I […]

Strawberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes

June 9, 2014 // Baking, Blog, Food and Drink // No Comments

Last Friday I wrote about not having a niche. About how if I wanted to monetize this blog I would have to find one. Well, mes amis, I got some good advice from this article and fellow bloggers. Their advice: […]

Finding Your Niche

I’ve been blogging a little over three years now and I don’t think I’ve found it yet. My niche, that is. It’s something that I’ve been struggling with from the very beginning. Should I post a recipe or something food related […]

A Little Hello

January 8, 2014 // Not-so-random Thoughts // No Comments

Bonjour mes amis! How were your holidays? I spent some quality time with my family and it was fabulous. I’ll be sharing a couple of posts from our adventures soon. After being away from this blog for a few weeks […]

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