A Tricky Thing

This past weekend my family and I celebrated our 7-year-old’s birthday at Aulani. We swam, met some characters, and ate a ton. It was a nice little getaway from what was a really tough week.

Last Monday our 9-year-old dog Mei passed away. It all came about so fast. One day she was doing fine and the next day she just wasn’t. I cried for about three days. Every time I come home and don’t see her nose pressed against the window I get a little teary. At night the house is just that much quieter without her nails (which we didn’t cut as often as we should have) clacking away on the wooden floor. I miss her a lot. We all do.

Being able to escape to Aulani helped to ease the sadness, if only for a couple of days. Grief is a tricky thing. I know losing an animal is different from losing a child, but Mei was a part of our family for such a long time that she was almost like my daughter.


I just need some time.

Photos by Marcus Hoapili and Disney PhotoPass Photographer

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