Home Again


I’m home again.

It doesn’t matter if I’m gone for the weekend or several weeks, every time I catch a glimpse of Oahu from the air I can’t help but smile.

With all it’s problems, from the crazy high cost of living to the insane traffic, I still feel incredibly lucky to call this place home.

Photo by Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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I am a Parent No. 2

I am a Parent is a personal collection of anecdotes, observations, and hard truths.

Being pregnant is 50% amazing and 50% hell.

The Good

There are many good things that come with being pregnant. From people offering their seats to you in crowded waiting rooms to a having a constant glow, which some may attribute to being sweaty all the time, but I like to think otherwise.

Throw in the fact that you are caring for a future human and the warm fuzzies can’t help but wash over you.

The Bad

Morning sickness. Evening sickness. All day sickness. Ugh. This is THE WORST. Not being able to keep anything down sucks. It’s like the morning after a crazy drunken night minus the funny anecdotes of your friends dancing on tables or fake numbering guys. But instead of one morning praying in front of the porcelain goddess, it’s three or four months.

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