Holy Peanut Butter Batman!

Okay, so I didn’t have any bananas but wanted to try this granola bar recipe.  To compensate, I just doubled the peanut butter. I only recommend doing this if you REALLY like peanut butter. And make sure you have something to drink while eating it. Otherwise you could end up like this guy.

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Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

I was never one to really use swear words. On occasion, when it seemed fitting, I would let some slip. But once my oldest started to talk, eventually repeating the things I was saying, I became a lot more aware and cautious of what I said. I knew she would most likely be sassy but I didn’t want her to grow up sounding like George Carlin. I started to use words and phrases that still had the feeling of a swear word but were, for the most part, G-rated.

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With a Twist

Some days I wish I could drink one of these.

What is your favorite only-if-you’re-over-21 drink?

Send me some recipes (I prefer ones that don’t require beer) because once I can get my youngest solely on formula, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Oh and just FYI, I will more than likely post the drink recipes along with pictures on this blog.

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