Tailgate Favorite Remix

When my husband and I used tailgate before UH Warrior Football games (GO BOWS!) I almost always brought rice cereal treats.  Our friends never got tired of them. We stopped tailgating after we had kids and I didn’t make rice cereal treats for a very long time. Yesterday I made them, just slightly modifying the original Snap, Crackle and Pop sweet snack. I added some matcha.

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The Accidental Flatbread

Do you find yourself eating food just because it’s in front of you, even though you’re not really hungry? I do this ALL the time. Especially with snacks like arare, popcorn or chips and dip. My hips are not too happy about this.

I needed to use up some Greek yogurt and decided to make hummus. Since we didn’t have any chips or crackers to eat with the hummus, I attempted to make some.

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