A Naughty Name? Maybe.

It is unknown what the true origins of Pasta Puttanesca are. Some believe it was named for a dish that the ladies of the night in Naples placed in their windows to lure customers. Puttana is the Italian equivalent of whore. Others believe that it was invented when a restaurant owner was asked by really hungry customers to please make them something. Since he was about to close and didn’t have anything to serve them, he ended up creating this dish.

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Playing Cookie Monster

Thalia Grace, my older daughter, LOVES to eat. And not just the stuff that kids normally love to eat like pizza, French fries and ice cream. She really likes veggies and is no stranger to foods like falafels, pesto pasta, and ma po tofu. It comes as no surprise that she also LOVES to help me cook.

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Make Your Own Take-Out

What’s better than making your own take-out? Having your husband make it!

Doesn’t it look good?

If you happen to try this recipe, just note that the sauce ends up being a whole lot more than you will actually need.  You could use the leftover sauce in a stir fry or even mixed with some leftover roasted pork shoulder topped with Asian cole slaw on a pretzel bun. Oooh… pretzels. With chocolate sauce and a mocha frappuccino.

Okay sorry about that. Give this recipe a try. Let me know how you like it.

Chinese Orange Chicken from Meal Planning 101.

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