Kitchen Renovation: The Prologue

Holy cannoli. It’s already June. Nearly half the year is gone. What the heck have I been doing? Apparently not much.

Earlier in the year my husband and I decided to postpone our kitchen renovation in favor of taking a much-needed vacation, sans kids. We tossed around the idea of going to wine country (Napa Valley and Sonoma) or Victoria, BC, Canada. (My first choice, with no budget limit, would have been Paris and London.) Alas, we decided to nix that idea. Now we are officially taking on our kitchen.

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Gloomy Day Goodies

The weather is pretty gloomy right now, with an overcast sky and off-and-on rain showers. Sometimes when it gets like this I wish I had a really pretty raincoat and a cute umbrella. Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

I made some cookies and cream mini cheesecakes to off-set the gloominess.

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Zigazig Ha

When I was at my mom’s house for Sunday dinner, I found this.

I’m not ashamed to say that I was pretty excited at this discovery. Hearing their music takes me back to high school. Back to a time when there were no bills to pay, no children to take care of and I had the summers off.

Their music was super catchy and a lot of fun to dance to. It was pure pop music.

What music reminds you of high school?

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