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Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Bars with Pretzel Crust

February 10, 2014 // Baking, Food and Drink // No Comments

Lately I’ve been obsessed with making cinnamon rolls. Particularly these cinnamon rolls. Oh. Em. Gee. They are so freakin’ fluffy and delicious I can’t even stand it. And one of the best things about them? They only take 45 MINUTES to make! Since […]

Peanut Butter Cup Bars

January 27, 2014 // Baking, Food and Drink, Geekin' Out // No Comments

The Time of the Doctor hit me with so many different emotions. I laughed. (Eleven and Clara telling the truth.) I cried. (When Clara helps Eleven with the Christmas cracker.) And I am now super stoked that Peter Capaldi is going […]

Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies

January 13, 2014 // Baking, Food and Drink // No Comments

Because Mondays (for most people) generally suck I thought I’d share with you all a dessert/midnight snack/breakfast-on-the-go that makes me smile. I’m in love with these sandwich cookies. (Or is it cookie sandwiches?) They’re simple and sweet. Just like me. […]

Fluffernutter Bars

December 19, 2013 // Baking, Food and Drink // No Comments

I’m going for super simple today. Basically, it’s a peanut butter cookie recipe in bar form. With marshmallows. Because who doesn’t love soft, pillowy sugar goodness? J’adore fluffernutter anything. Print Fluffernutter Bars Yield: 16 bars Ingredients½ cup granulated sugar ½ […]

Peanut Butter Banana Cake

I’m in a weird mood. But Arbine, aren’t you always? Actually no, I’m not always in a weird mood. Just 95% of the time. It’s the holiday season yet I don’t feel very Christmasy. Maybe it’s all the worrying about […]

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