Crazy Little Thing

This past Saturday I did something a little crazy. No, I didn’t buy a pair of Jimmy Choos. Or a Chanel purse. Although this one is quite nice. I tried something I’ve never done before. I experimented with a cheesecake recipe.

I know this may not seem crazy to some, but I’ve never adapted a recipe to this extent before. Sure I may have substituted dark chocolate chips for semisweet in cookies or macadamia nuts for pine nuts in pesto but I had never substituted ingredients in a cheesecake. It was exhilarating and scary at the same time.

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A Tale of Two Cakes

So we celebrated my brother’s birthday this past Tuesday at our house. My parents were supposed to bring dinner and I decided to make him this Double Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake. I already had all the ingredients I needed in my fridge and pantry (well, except for the sour cream; I substituted vanilla yogurt for that) and it seemed relatively easy since all the ingredients get mixed in the food processor. I even had some leftover salted caramel sauce that I was planning on drizzling over the top of it.  

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