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I’m gonna be totally basic for a minute and say, Holy crap, it’s the end October! Time seems to move so much faster when you get older. It’s even gotten a little bit chillier in the morning here. Which is a good thing because that means I get to wear my Gryffindor jacket when I walk my daughters to school.

Are any of you Gilmore Girls fans? I’m so stoked for the new episodes premiering on Netflix next month. I’ve been re-watching the series in preparation for it. A thousand yellow daisies. *wistful sigh*

Another thing I’m watching: A YouTube channel called My Moments with Mom. Oh. Em. Gee. They are so cute. The channel is run by a girl named Jaclyn and her mom Jackie. They vlog about tons of fun stuff, including food and Disneyland. So basically we are kindred spirits.

One of my BFFs came for a visit a couple of weeks ago and we both stayed at Aulani for a few days. While there we took the Sunrise Stretch class. It was pretty awesome. Completely free for hotels guests and shoes are not required.

Nothing’s set in stone but, as long as we can make it work financially, I’m totally planning a trip for Disneyland next year. The last two times we’ve stayed on-site but this time it’s not really in our budget to do so. I’ve been researching a ton of off-site hotels. I’m highly considering the HoJo Anaheim. Have any of you stayed there? Do you guys have any off-site Disneyland hotel recommendations?

I wasn’t super interested in the solo Han Solo film but then Donald Glover got cast as Lando. So I’m definitely gonna be watching it.

And now I’m gonna get back to my friends at Stars Hollow. Hope you all have a magical weekend!

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