#HoapiliEurotrip2016: Gartenschau Kaiserslautern & Heidelberg




















After two days at Disneyland Paris, we took our time driving back to Kaiserslautern. We stopped in Reims, marveled at the massive cathedral, and said hello to Joan. We also made a quick stop in Metz. Because reasons.

The next morning we went to Gartenschau Kaiserslautern. Right after the entrance there is a decent size LEGO exhibit and a rotating flower exhibit. A quick walk over a bridge brings you to the park itself. The first thing we noticed were the dinosaurs. They were everywhere! There were several playgrounds for the kiddos and even a splash area. It was too cold for us to partake in that but it looked really neat.

I highly recommend visiting this place if you have kids. Actually, even if you don’t have kids, it’s a lovely place just to walk through, look at all the flowers, and take silly pictures with dinosaurs. We easily spent four hours there and we didn’t even see everything.

After my aunt finished work we drove to Heidelberg, which was only about 45 minutes or so away. Heidelberg will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember visiting it a few times when we lived in Germany many, many moons ago

And no, we did not hike up that hill to see the castle. We rode the funicular railway. I usually don’t mind walking (as long as the ground is flat), but walking uphill with two young kids, nope. The view from the castle is amazing. So much nostalgia.

We ate dinner at Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus. If you’re ever in Heidelberg, I highly recommend it. You may have to wait a bit for a table, but it’s totally worth it. Oh and get the pork knuckle. Sooo good.

If you have room for dessert after that, there are tons of ice cream and gelato shops around. Seriously. I think we passed about 10 when we were walking around.

Dinosaurs, castles, and yummy food.

These things make me happy.

Photos by Marcus Hoapili and Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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