D is for Danish

D is also for Distracted.

Which is what I’ve been regarding blogging lately. Every time I sit down to write or think I may want to make new dish for the blog, something shiny festooned with rainbow glitter and neon pink satin ribbon pulls me away.¬†

Like a Gilmore Girls marathon.

Hamilton fan art on Pinterest.

Or having a craving for biscuits with whipped cream and needing to make them like RIGHT NOW.

But in the few moments when I was actually focused, I did manage to make these Danishes¬†with homemade puff pastry. Store bought is completely fine but I didn’t have any. They’d be perfect for a brunch or even a simple dessert.

Ooh what’s that? A slideshow of the 20 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World? Sorry blog. I gotta go… uh… do a thing.

Photo by Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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