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Over the past few days I’ve been participating in the International Geek Girl Pen Pals’ Camp. I’ve done a few everyday cosplay challenges, gone on mini adventure walks, played Cards Against Humanity, and more. It’s been a lot of fun.

For camp we are sorted into different troops. This year I was placed into Troop Croft, as in Lara Croft. One of the challenges that our troop could participate in was this Lara Croft inspired workout.

That’s me attempting a side bridge. It’s not the easiest move but it’s really helpful in targeting your obliques.

Another activity I had a lot of fun with was designing my own camp.

Camp Super Awesome Fun Times

I’m probably more of a glamper than a camper.

12 Camper Cabins
8-10 campers plus one counselor per cabin
Each cabin has a bathroom with three toilets, three showers, and three sinks.

District 13 (Outdoor area)
Archery, walking trails, tree ropes course, horseback riding

Mermaid lagoon (Pool)
With water slides and a waterfall. One side of the pool has a sandy zero entry area.

The Three Broomsticks (Mess Hall)
Open at 5 am until 9 pm, serving a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
There’s also a cereal and fruit bar at breakfast, salad bar at lunch and dinner, and a soft serve and smoothie station open all day.
Side service window open from 9pm – 12am for small snacks and drinks.

Mystery Shack (Activities Hall)
For dance classes, exercising, puppet making, magic spell casting, and tons more.

TARDIS (Great Hall)
Photo booth, comfy couches and rugs, projection screen for movies, cat videos, or Netflix marathon nights, karaoke machine, stage, tables for gaming, video game consoles, and library corner

Mt. Doom (Fire Pit Circle)
Area for roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories

Neverland (Playground)
Swings, slides, bouncy castle, monkey bars, and hop scotch

Greendale (Main Office/Cabin)
Where the head honchos do paperwork, answer phones, and sleep. Includes bathroom.

Visitor Restrooms
Because even visitors need to go.

I love IGGPP Camp.

Photos by Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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