Visiting Family in Washington

The first stop on our latest traveling adventure was Lacey, Washington. We spent a few days with my sister and her family and had an amazing time.

Where We Went

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
It was about a 10-15 minute drive from Lacey. Frogs. A bunny. Lots of birds. A hawk flew thisclose to me. Entrance fees (which you put in a donation type box) costed less than $5 for four adults. Children are free.

Capitol Lake Park
Big grassy area for the kiddos to run around. Short walk to the Capitol.

What We Ate

Season’s Teriyaki
Family style portions. Really good barbecue chicken. Friendly staff.

Five Guys
Burgers are my life.

Wagner’s European Style Bakery
Lots of different pastries at affordable prices.

Mayan Family Mexican Restaurant
Really good food and huge portions.

Here is just a little snippet of some of the things we did.

I can’t wait to go back for another visit.

Photos by Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili and Marcus Hoapili
Video by Marcus Hoapili

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