A Blog Revelation

Holy smokes guys.

In a couple of months my blog turns four.


Even though I’ve been blogging for a bit, I never knew what to tell people when they asked what my blog was about. I didn’t have a niche. Nothing that really tied everything all together.

Until now.

The idea came to me one night just as I laid my head on my pillow. It’s not super profound but definitely a game changer for me. Something that I absolutely believe in.

So, what’s my blog about?

Finding the awesome in the everyday*.

And what is that exactly?

It’s laughing with your family at the dinner table.

It’s growing an herb garden on your balcony.

It’s watching Netflix while unapologetically eating ice cream-donut-nacho fries.

It’s dancing around your kitchen while making cookies with your kids.

It’s coupon clipping to save up for that amazing trip.

It’s texting silly things to your sisters.

It’s actually cooking something you added to your Pinterest food board.

It’s having a quiet moment all to yourself.

No matter how ordinary you think your life is, there is always something awesome to be found.

You just have to look.

Photo by Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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