Jordandené Giveaway Winner

Bonjour mes amis!

How was your weekend? I ate a ton, watched football, played video games, helped put up our Christmas tree, and even did a little online shopping. We were going to stop at Costco on Friday to pick up some milk and arare, but holy cannoli, was it crowded! So we went to the park instead.

CONGRATULATIONS to CHERI L.C. on winning the $20 Jordandené Gift Certificate! Be sure to check your inbox for an email from me.

Thanks again to Jordan Ellis and Jordandené for making this awesome giveaway possible!

Much love, bacon, and sprinkles,
♥ Arbine

P.S. There’s still time to enter the code FANGIRL2014 to receive 20% off your Jordandené order. Go and buy something geektastic. Like, now. 

Photo by Marcus Hoapili

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