Emotional Roller Coaster

Bonjour mes amis!

What have you all been up to? Are you getting your geek on at SDCC? If so, I’m totally jealous.

This week has been kind of up and down emotionally for me.

On the up side:
My birthday is next week. I like the anticipation leading up to it. I make birthday wish lists. I never get anything from them but they’re fun to create. I also make up scenarios of where I would spend my birthday had I the money.

On top of that list this year:
1. Going to The Happiest Place on Earth and having the whole place to ourselves.
2. Eating my way through Provence.
3. Wandering around London looking for anything related to Doctor Who, Sherlock or Harry Potter.

On the down side:
I had applied for an opportunity to take some coding courses for free. Unfortunately, I was not chosen. I guess I just wasn’t what they were looking for in candidates. I don’t know why this rejection hit me so hard. Probably because I hate failing. Losing out on this opportunity made me feel like a total failure.

*deep breath in, deep breath out*

I hope you all have a rad weekend.

Preferably one that includes glazed donuts.

Much love, bacon, and sprinkles,

Photo by Marcus Hoapili

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