Glam + Camping

I know last month I said I don’t really do camping but then I watched the most recent episode of Project Runway. Yes, my friends, they went glamping. Not camping, but glamping. Which means their beds were lifted off the ground. And their tents looked like they were straight out of a movie set. Sooo pretty. Plus all the water rafting and stuff looked kind of fun.

After watching that episode, I decided to look up places that actually provide a glamping experience. Holy moly. Glamping does not come cheap! Gorgeous? Absolutely. Easy on the wallet? Not so much. Okay, so it really depends on where you’re glamping and what kind of glamping accommodations you prefer, but the ones I was looking at cost a pretty penny. I mean, c’mon, how fabulous is this retreat in Montana? Or this tented camp in Thailand?

Maybe I’ll go glamping one day.

And after that, Paris.

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