I’m Not Really Outdoorsy

I admit it. I’m not really an outdoorsy type of person. That’s not really my jam. Sure, I don’t mind an occasional hike or heading to the beach every so often, but given the vacation option between camping out in the woods and checking out a city while having hotel lodging, I will nearly always choose the latter. I could make an exception if the camping were in a cabin instead of a tent.

I do like visiting parks, gardens, and taking long, leisurely walks while I’m visiting a new city, but I just really adore having a comfy place to crash at the end of the day. I’m such a sucker awesome hotel amenities. Also, having a shower and toilet is kind of important to me.

How about you? Do you like vacations where you are one with nature? Or are you a likes-traveling-and-nature-but-doesn’t-want-to-sleep-on-the-forest-floor-because-BEARS kind of person?


Photo by Arbine Villanueva-Hoapili

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