Traveling With Children

Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows that it is no walk in the park. There will be melt downs. There will be whining. There will be aching feet. But don’t let this discourage you from traveling with your kids. There’s so much to discover and experience when you travel.

Some Tips When Traveling With Children

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Be sure that everyone (yourself included) drinks plenty of water. Bringing along a reusable plastic bottle is helpful. Fill up at a drinking fountain when you can.

Have at least two with you at all times. They can help in the prevention of feeling hangry.

Bathroom Breaks
When you’re visiting a place that has a bathroom, whether it be a department store, museum, or restaurant, try to use it. You never know if the next place you’re going to stop at will have one. Also, try to always have some tissue and hand sanitizer with you. Just in case.

Schedule Some Down Time
Naps are good for both children and adults. When you’re traveling, sometimes all you want to do is GO GO GO. But, trust me on this, taking some time for a little rest is a wise move.

Transit Choices
Not everything you will want to see or do will be within walking distance from where you are staying. Be sure to check out where the nearest metro or bus station is in relation to your accommodations. And don’t forget to do research on how much public transportation costs. In some cities, the cost of a bus ride can be significantly cheaper than a ride on the metro. There may be times, although it may cost a bit more, when it will be significantly easier to take a taxi. Like when you’re coming from or heading to the airport or train station. It’s possible to travel on public transportation with your kids and your luggage, but it can be a bit of a pain. Some cities also offer bicycle rentals. If your family is comfortable with riding bikes, this is a great way to explore a city.

Laundry Facilities
I know the last thing you want to do on a trip is a load of laundry but having one at the hotel or apartment you’re staying at can come in handy. Especially if your child is anything like our 2-year-old, who will manage to spill food on every single piece of clothing she has. Also, if you visit a city where smoking is allowed in restaurants, it’s nice to be able to get that smell out of your clothes while on your trip instead of having to wait until you get home.

It’s Not All About The Kids
Sure, you’re going to do a TON of family friendly activities with your children, but make it a point to see some of the things that YOU want to see. Do some of the things YOU want to do. If you are traveling with another parent, see if you two can take turns watching the kids during nap time. That way both of you get to see things that either the kids or the other person might not necessarily be interested in.

Go on. Take that leap. Travel with you kids. Sure, you’ll move at a slower pace and you probably won’t be able to visit as many pubs as you’d like, but it will definitely be worth it.

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