Japan 2013: Tokyo Part 2

We had a lovely time in Kansai* and headed back to Tokyo for a few more days.

After a brief visit to Akihabara (the Don Quijote there is insane) we went to Sanrio World in Ginza. That face right there – that’s my I-can’t-believe-our-four-year-old-just-hugged-a-costumed-character face. She used to be terrified of them.

I think the word you’re looking for is kawaii.

Before heading back to our hotel that day, we visited a small part of the Imperial Gardens.

The next day we went to Odaiba. Several times throughout the day you can see this Gundam Statue (sort of) come to life. Our youngest was completely freaked out by that.

You better believe I got some Krispy Kreme donuts. With sprinkles, of course. What? We don’t have one on Oahu.

After Odaiba we headed to Tsukiji for dinner. This was the only time we had sushi on our trip. A note from my husband: the cheaper tuna tastes just as good as the more expensive one. Especially with beer.

The next day we visited the Mugiwara Store. Again.

Then we took a train to Ueno to do some omiyage shopping. One of my favorite stores there was one that sold lots of snacks and candies in bulk. Great for gift giving. After I did some damage to my wallet, we went to Asakusa to visit a shrine, eat some DEEP FRIED CUSTARD FILLED MANJU, and see Tokyo Skytree.

Our last day in Tokyo was spent at Ueno Zoo. WE GOT TO SEE A PANDA! And we didn’t have to stand in a huge line to see it!


This zoo is soooo huge that we didn’t get to see everything. The sections are laid out in such a way that you can see the animals at varying angles, which makes it a little easier to take pictures of the animals. Admission is very inexpensive, just 600 Yen (about $6.00 U.S.) for adults and children 12 and under are FREE.

My family and I had an awesome time in Japan. We are extremely grateful to our friends Nancy and Nolan for asking us to come along and for being our personal translators. Japan, we’ll miss the awesome public transportation, the cheap but really good food, and everything else that makes you so intriguing. We’ll make our way back to you in a few years. Cross my heart and hope to fly… first class.

*If you’re planning on visiting Kyoto, I highly recommend staying at the Almont Hotel Kyoto. It’s about a ten minute walk from Kyoto Station. It was our favorite hotel.¬†

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