Tuesday Tidbits

1. Holy cannoli. My younger sister is getting married THIS SATURDAY!

2. Which means…my older sister and her family are in town! Woohoo!

3. On Saturday I made the pies for my March 14th post. Here’s a sneak peek.

4. Kate Spade is having a sample sale. It ends tomorrow at 11:59pm PST. Go get yourself a gorgeous purse or some pretty shoes.

5. It’s just too bad this purse isn’t on sale.

6. How adorable is this rockabilly ood dress?

7. My husband has been doing his own research for our vacation. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that someone will be able to watch our girls and that we can actually afford it.

8. Our youngest thinks it’s hilarious to climb on to and stand on her Dora The Explorer table. She has graduated from being a monkey to a mountain goat.

9. Gallifrey’s Next Top Model. Hells yes.

10. Funny stuff.

Have a brilliant week!

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