Library Books 1.0

Remember when I went a bit crazy overboard at the library last week? Well, we haven’t read all the books we borrowed but we have gone through about a quarter of them. The next time we go to the library, I will try to stick to a 15 book limit. I really will. But no promises. I may just be a rebel and borrow 16.

Here’s what we have read so far.

IMG_7150My favorite out of this bunch is The Retired Kid by Jon Agee. It’s about this eight-year-old named Brian who is tired of being a kid. Apparently it’s too much work. You know, with having to walk your dog, eat your veggies and go to school. He decides to retire. In Florida. At first, it’s a fantastic change from being a kid. But Brian later finds out that being retired is a lot of work too.

Have you read any of the books from this list? How did you like it?

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